Alex Chappell


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I have known Mr Chappell professionally for at least 5 years, and he has been responsible for arranging my company's Aviation Third Party Liability Insurance.

I have found him professional, trustworthy and a great asset to us in arranging our World-wide coverage, and have no hesitation in recommending him.

Captain S L Wake

Wake (QA) Limited

forethought people

Business is people, and solid relationships, coupled with consistent performance and innovation, with eyes on both the here and now as well as future opportunities and potential risks.

From our experience, watching, listening, and questioning, we believe there is a better, cleaner, and therefore more cost effective way of doing business. We continue to seek this in our operations, and any solutions we suggest, across both advisory and brokers.

Our approach

You are integral to what we are trying to achieve, and so everything we do is to your needs. You have probably heard lines like “you are at the centre of everything we do”, but we believe we are actually able to claim this.

Why? We are a privately owned professional services firm, and therefore answerable only to you, and regulators.

  • We have no investors to satisfy
  • No top heavy management with fiefdoms and personal priorities impacting service and structure
  • Teams are built for the job in hand, ensuring appropriate skills

What this means for you

We look to apply common sense and forethought, and use our toolbox of skills to support you and help you to do what you do best.

We aim to become more cost effective to you year on year, as our understanding and knowledge of your needs grows. Through building long term relationships we can be cheaper in subsequent years, if we don’t have to cover marketing costs for your repeat business – it won't form part of your bill!

Likewise, plus our in-house abilities, we have a network of experts in various fields who we can draw on for different parts of your puzzle – they do not sit on our wageroll, and so you only pay for this expertise as and when you require it.

We are not afraid to ask tough questions, (or be asked them!) and fully appreciate the value of listening and understanding, rather than trying to “shoe horn” your requirements into a formulaic service that suits us but not you.

This way we believe we can truly be more focused on your challenges, provide better quality ‘tailored’/‘best in class’ solutions for your organisation, and can be more cost effective than our competition.

People are often pleasantly surprised by the way we think.

We hope you find our approach refreshing – and want to know if you don’t feel it is!